Welcome to the Open Role & Queertangomarathons
Eat – Dance – Sleep – all inclusive

48 hours of dancing,
the best food ever
and dreamy sleeping!
What could be more marvellous than to join other enthusiastic dancers at this beautiful location dancing for 4 days day and night to professionally chosen music ?!
The Tango Paradise in the Region Wendland
Sumptuously framed wonderful nature you can find the destination of the old water mill "Proitzer Mühle", where we want to invite you to several events for dancing, tasty food and cozy sleeping.

We just start now at Ocober 27th till 29th in 2017 and prepare the next event on January 12th till 14th in 2018. 
Last but not least we hope to welcoming all these happy dancers from the last year. 
The chefs of Proitzer Mühle care for our power of endurance around the clock and serve modern, international foods from refined-vegan to abundant classics (menue tba).

Treat yourself to a beauty sleep and you’re fit fort he next round of milonga – inviting rooms are right on location.
Enjoy our programm and become a part of it!

We love these amazing DJs and hope to get them for the Marathon
Mikel Griffin
Hamburg goes Proitze
Mikel Griffin has been dancing tango on Milongas from Buenos Aires to Berlin since the turn of the millennium. He’s had a lot of practice from Kassel to Kiel, i.e. as resident-DJ of various Hamburg milongas. His choice of music is traditional, presented in tandas with subtle cortinas, setting a focus on the grand orchestras of the 30s and 40s.

Scarlett von Boor
Going International 
„For more than ten years I’ve been putting on music at tango events, at first at my own weekly milonga and then soon internationally. At the end of the night the dancers thank me for my felicitous mix of tangos from the 30s to the 50s, even when as a consequence they hardly didn’t get any dancing breaks. My special focus is on building a harmonious bridge between the tandas – including cross-over-cortinas, depending on the audience.”

Oliver Wollersheim
Not a friend of epic speeches...  
... but a passionate and fun dancer of Argentinian tango for 17 years... He's been teaching upon request for the last seven years...and will occasionally be found at the turntables playing moody, passionate music...

We will anounce further DJs in the coming days!!!
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