Open Role & Queertangomarathon 
2017 & 2018

Start and Finish Line 
Put on your dancing shoes and hit the dancefloor!
Good Friday, March, 30th 2018

on Easter Monday
Check in at Proitzer Mühle on Friday 

Abundant meals suitable for marathons
Sleeping anytime on location
Delicious final breakfast on Easter Monday until ? pm
(the right programm follows in January 2018)
Why? For fun!
Inspired and excited by wonderful Tango-Lab of  Ines Mousavi at the beautiful Proitzer Mühle in the Wendland and of the Hamburg Queertango-Marathon
I decided to host a Open Role & Queertangomarathon at the Proitzer Mühle. And thus to invite into this gorgeous dancing hall all those dancing maniacs who enjoy dancing in both roles for many, many hours and to meet many, many friends.

Dancing! Eating! Sleeping!
Nearly endless hours of Tangomusic on the finest sprung floor
Fantastic DJ(ane)s
Delicious food on location
Sleeping in comfortable beds in nice double- or single-rooms or mattress room
Kids-friendly area
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