engl. Oct. 2017 Open Role Queertangomarathon

Open Role & Queertangomarathon
27(th) - 29(th) of October 2017

What`s gonna happen?

OPEN ROLE and Queer TANGO for ALL, who enjoy it! 
27 – 29 October 2017 at
PROITZER MÜHLE between Hamburg/Berlin/Hannover northern Germany

Enjoy a Tangoweekend with us in Proitzer Mühle - a historical water mill surrunded by woods and great nature. 

48 hours Milonga, 4,5hours of workshop and time for Practilonga (internships/open dance floor).
We`ll dance Tango in full connection with well-being, relaxing, massages, sauna, feet cooling in the mill pond and let the soul dangle.

We are looking forward to welcoming Theresa Faus from Munich  and Dubravko Kakarigi from Berlin as DJ(ane)s.

What is expecting you?

- Mirror dance room with highly elastic parquet flooring 250 m2 (go here for more)
- Inspiring tangos in tandas with cortinas

- delicous rich meals: breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, dinner buffet, afternoon tea with coffee and cake, midnight soup.
- free nights in the dormitory (Mattresses available, bring your bedding and towels)
- Double room for small extra charge 15€ per night and person
- Only a few single rooms available, please book early (33€ per person and night)
- Sauna with two "mill ponds" you can swim in.
- Massage (for extra charge)
- No dancing partner required

- We take individual requests!

Wether you want to be leader or follower, choose the role you like, dance the role you prefer,explore the role you want to, regardless of gender and role-clichés. Dance both roles or one – feel free!
Change roles independently from gender or sexual orientation. All dancers and all levels are welcome!

We want everyone to feel comfortable und love a relaxed atmosphere.

The music we`ll offer will be mainly traditional in tandas with cortinas.

- Meet friends
- Family / child-friendly environment
- Non-dancing family members are very welcome.

There will be a Workshop, every day for 1,5 hours (in total 4.5 hours) 

In this workshop, you will get useful tips for your own practice as well as on how to survive on the dance floor. 
Molinete forward and backward rotated and disassembled. Discover and defuse stumbling blocks. Inspirations to dance technique Pivot. How to dance it comfortably and relaxed in wide or close embrace. Navigation on the dance floor. Explore different steps for entry and exit. 
Alle Levels.

Time to practice and for questions is planned afterwards.

The huge dance hall offers so much space that people can finally try everything that people have always wanted to dance.

And last but not least, it can`t be stressed enough that the "Proitzer mill" have the best cooks and the most imaginable and delicious food. 
What about the plan?

Arrival in the Proitzer Mühle is on the

Friday, 27.10.2017 from 2 pm.
Coffee / tea and cakes are available.

The first part of the workshop starts at 4 pm (until 5.30 pm);
Evening buffet from 7 pm
Milonga 6 pm - 6 am (Sat.)
Midnight soup

Saturday, 28.10.2017
Breakfast buffet from 9am
2nd part of the Workshop 10 am until 11.30 am
Internships 11:30 am to 1 pm
Lunch buffet from 1 pm
Milonga 2 pm - 6 am (Sun.)
Evening buffet from 7 pm
Midnight soup

Sunday, 29.10.2017
Breakfast buffet from 9 am
3rd part of the Workshop 10 am until 11.30 am
Internships 11:30 am - 1 pm
Lunch buffet from 1 pm to 2 pm
Graduation milonga and coffee and cake until 4 pm

Sad but true, the DEPARTURE is still missing

How to find us


After you have decided on your participation and your luxury factor, you fill out our booking form and we will arrange your room preferences accordingly upon receipt of the bookings. You will receive an e-mail with the payment methods and after the payment is received your booking is binding.


How much is it?

You can choose between three different packages, the difference being the luxury factor.
1. Marathon, practica, full board and including free overnight stay in the dormitory
- Including mattresses, 
bring your own sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels

- All buffets, coffee and cake and midnight soup, unlimited chilled water with and without sodas, teas, coffee

all inclusive

135,00 Euro
2. Marathon, practica, delicious full board and nights in a dobbleroom

That means all buffets, coffee and cake and midnight soup, unlimited chilled water with and without sodas, teas, coffee

all inclusive

135,00 Euro

30.00 Euro p. P.

for 2 nights in a double room

(That means 15,00 Euro per night and person and with a 2nd person in the room. Allocation takes place according to the desired partner and after registration entrance, that means the rooms with their own bathroom will be assigned first, otherwise sharing a bathroom with one to two other rooms. Please bring your own bedding)
3. Marathon, practica, delicious full board
(All buffets, coffee and cake and midnight soup, unlimited chilled water with and without sodas, teas, coffee)

all inclusive

135 Euro

66 Euro p. P.

for 2 nights in a single room

(Please bring your own bedding)

4. 3 parted Workshops

The Molinete thoroughly studied and danced comfortably for all levels

 1,5 h = 4,5 h
30 Euro

Until now we proudly present the following DJ(ane)s for this event:
Theresa Faus
Know How of nice things
Theresa Faus loves the life and the music. In her milongas she watches out to the dancers and the their feelings, offering very special and fine old traditional music. 
If you ever got to know her, you also know, that she has seldom played but wonderful dancable pieces of tango.

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